Struct’s Community Update #3

Continuing the pattern of our weekly updates, we’ve been busy through Asia’s Crypto Week and Token 2049 events. Our main areas of focus have been improving our front-end experience, updating some functional elements of our protocol, meeting up with several market participants, and speaking during the Asia Crypto Week — all significant steps forward to building an amazing platform.


On the product side, we’ve been working diligently to integrate our smart contract with DeFi protocols. We’re also spending time expanding our test suite to streamline future product testing.

Moving to the front-end, we have set our sights on optimization and UX changes from feedback taken during our closed beta. Specifically, we are improving our UI to better display information and optimizing our querying from subgraphs, offering a better experience for the end user.

We’re pleased to announce that our closed beta also started this week with a selected number of partners, investors, and institutional users gaining access to the next iteration of the Struct platform. Each group participating in this closed beta offers us unique insight from multiple viewpoints, and crucial data and feedback. This is a massive step in improving our offering and represents another huge step forward on our path to a public release. Watch this space!


Moving on to community and marketing, we’ve taken our place on the stage speaking with leaders and users in the space, spreading the good word of Struct, and participating with everyone else at the cutting edge of DeFi.

We were honored to be included as speakers at the FBG and TON panel on ‘Building the making of a new financial system’ where we were able to liaise with several thought leaders in the space. We covered numerous topics, ranging from sustainable yield in DeFi to regulatory changes, the role of institutional players, and much more. We also attended Token 2049, engaging with media companies and market participants; speaking with leaders and business partners to discuss ideas and collaborate in a truly meaningful way. We’re more motivated and filled with ideas than ever, and cannot wait to share the developments to come!

Closing out this week’s update, we want to highlight that there is still time to participate in our ongoing giveaway campaign. Head on over to our Twitter or Discord to find out how you can get your hands on some USDC prizes, and get involved in our community! While you’re there, feel free to join the discussion, and make sure to follow up for updates on what we’re working on next. There’s so much more to come, but until then, we’ll see you in the next update!



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