Struct’s Community Update #2

As promised last week in our inaugural Struct’s Update, we have our next weekly update for our community. This week, we have some really exciting updates that represent big strides forward for Struct, and for what Struct will mean to our community and the wider market participants.


Firstly, the smart contract security monitoring process has been completed and will be updated in the future. We’re also on track for the preparation for Mainnet testing. This is a big deal, as it means we can do tests of real value to determine how everything in Struct is working.

As mentioned last week, the Struct UI/UX team has been hard at work with a number of optimizations. One major example is the frontend architecture optimizations, which enables us to build features faster and more efficiently.

On the topic of features, we have a number that we are currently working on. Our profit calculator, which allows users to understand how the product will perform when token prices change. Additionally, we’ve made it easier for users to connect their wallets through what we believe is a seamless integration. We’ve also added product filtering and sorting options into the platform, so users can find what they’re looking for even faster.

Finally, looking to the future, we have been carrying out some ongoing R&D into how we can innovate and improve our protocol. This will be an ongoing process, of course, and an important one. We always intend to have one eye on the now and one on the future, which we recognise is an important element in any successful venture, let alone a DeFi one. It’s also an exciting part of our roles and one that brings a lot of excitement to the team.


We are pleased to say that we are now in the process of engaging various media companies to help us access their respective local communities, starting off with Türkiye, which is one of the fastest growing DeFi communities on the Avalanche network, having grown significantly over the past few years.

To look after the community, we are spending time to create a share-to-earn campaign and a community-driven project, starting next week with the Giveaway campaign. Follow our Twitter account for further details on how to participate.

Additionaly, this week we released our second article in the series covering Struct Primitives & Interest Rate Tranches (Part II). We’re also penning our next article about the Litepaper and other educational DeFi content. We will have more information on these soon, but be assured that our community is at the forefront of our minds in all things, from education and transparency to community-driven incentives.

We’re so happy to be sharing these updates with you, and we welcome any questions or comments that you might have, and encourage everyone to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter for updates on what we’re working on next.



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