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Hello Struct Finance community! We’ve got some exciting news for you.

As part of our commitment to providing the most up-to-date, valuable, and comprehensible content for our ever-expanding community, we’ve given our Medium presence a major overhaul.

Our new Medium page is now live at

Why the migration, you ask? Our new Medium page is designed with you in mind. We’ve categorized our content into several easy-to-navigate tabs. Here’s a quick run-through of what you can expect:

Homepage: This is where you’ll find all our English content — relevant and featured articles that encapsulate the essence of Struct Finance.

AMAs: Did you miss our Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions? Fret not! This page will host summaries and Q&As from all our AMAs, so you’re always in the loop.

Security: Your safety is our priority. We’ve dedicated an entire section to security-related articles and announcements. We’ll continually share our experiences and insights to fortify your DeFi knowledge.

Tutorials & Guides (Education): Whether you’re a DeFi novice or a veteran, you’ll find tutorials, guides, and educational content on all things DeFi.

Local Pages: As part of our global reach, we’re introducing local pages with localized content. Starting with Chinese and Vietnamese, we’re looking to expand this list in the future. After all, DeFi knows no boundaries!

This migration is just the beginning!!
We’re ramping up our content creation efforts, bringing more writers and editors on board to provide high-quality, informative articles. Our mission is to educate and onboard as many people as we can into the world of Web3.

Remember, this is your space. We encourage you to engage, share, and contribute your thoughts. We’re excited to embark on this journey with you!

Migration Alert!!! Please follow us on our new Medium page to stay up-to-date with all things Struct Finance.

Together, let’s shape the future of DeFi!

Your Struct Finance Team



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